Online Learning

Online Learning

At Jubilee High School, we value the role that technology and online learning plays in the progress and development of our students. We regularly make use of online resources such as Sam Learning and Doddle, as well as using Show My Homework to set and monitor learning completed at home. To continue to support the progress and development of all our students, we have compiled a short selection of online resources that could be used to enhance their learning at home.



Seneca is an online learning platform aimed at students aged 11-18, covering the full range of topics studied in schools. The website uses online lessons with activities to be completed as you watch. Many of its resources are free to use and those students who are deciding which courses to take at college could use the lessons and resources on the site to get a ‘taste’ of the next stage in their education.

The British Library

In their quest to promote and encourage reading for pleasure, The British Library has created a range of activities for students, particularly those in years 7 and 8, based around reading and creating stories for children.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy features an enormous range of free courses for students of all ages. The courses are video-based with regular activities designed to give students the opportunity to recap and apply their new learning. Completing these online courses gives students the opportunity to secure and develop their knowledge of the topics they have been studying, or to explore other areas of interest that they may not gain exposure to at school.

TED Talks for Kids

TED are known for producing a wide range of free informative and inspirational content in online video form. The variety of topics available is vast and again give students the opportunity to find out more about topics and ideas that interest them.

The James Dyson Foundation

The foundation is keen to promote engineering in young people. They have provided an extensive set of STEM challenges, many of which could be completed at home.


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