School Uniform

Students at Jubilee are expected to wear appropriate uniform at all times, including on the way to and from school.

Daily Uniform:

  • Grey suit style blazer with logo
  • Grey jumper with teal tipping (non compulsory)
  • Jubilee High grey and teal tie
  • Plain white school shirt, long/short sleeves
  • Traditional hard sole flat black shoes (Please see below link for examples)
  • Teal and grey kilt or black suit style trousers (no leggings or skinny fit)
  • Water bottle 


Students will be expected to wear their full uniform to and from school and when travelling around the school and communal areas during lesson change over. 

Please click here for some shoe examples

Learning Equipment:

  • School bag - appropriate size to carry exercise books
  • Clear pencil case
  • Handwriting pens - blue/black (at least two)
  • Highlighters
  • Non-shatter ruler 
  • Pencils - preferably B, HB, 2H 
  • Pencil Sharpener 
  • Colouring pencils
  • Eraser
  • School Planner (provided by the school on the first day)
  • Reading book of their choice

Students will be expected to have all learning equipment with them for all lessons and will be responsible for taking their own school books home with them on a daily basis. Any lost or damaged planners will need to be replaced at a cost of £3.


Permitted accessories:

  • One watch (must be removed for school/public exams and practical lessons)
  • One pair of small plain metal studs/sleepers in earlobe only 
  • A single, small ring on one finger 
  • Subtle foundation is permitted

The following are not permitted: make-up; fake tan; false eyelashes; false nails/hair extensions/nail varnish, nose/lip/brow/body piercings and visible necklaces/bracelets. 

Hairstyles - no extremes of style or colour are permitted (hair can only be dyed to reflect natural colours); nor are hair extensions or hair sprays (which can be flammable). 

Practical Kit

PE kit should be brought to school in a separate bag

  • Black/white PE polo top with logo
  • Black/white mid layer training top with logo (non compulsory)
  • Plain black PE shorts/tracksuit/bottoms/skort
  • Plain black and teal PE socks
  • Trainers
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads

New pe kit 2022

Dance Kit:

Key Stage 3:

Use your PE Kit

Key Stage 4:

  • JHS black dance t-shirt 
  • Plain black leggings
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms 

Sanctions may be imposed if students are not wearing the correct uniform or appropriately equipped.

* Uniform is only available from: School Uniform Direct, West Byfleet.                                     Telephone; 01932354409. Website;


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