At Jubilee High School we are passionate about creating a literacy focused, word conscious environment where every student is given the opportunity to improve their confidence in writing, oracy and reading. 


Research increasingly suggests the importance of literacy in preparing children to succeed beyond school; demonstrating strong links with academic achievement, higher exam grades and enhanced productivity in adult life. Our literacy policy focuses on 6 key areas; vocabulary, delivery, progress, reading, intervention and oracy. We aim to ensure that literacy is included as an integral part of our curriculum and that each member of staff contributes towards this common goal. Our policy aims to ensure that:

  • Literacy is embedded in the curriculum. 
  • Teachers are confident at using opportunities to develop literacy within their lessons. 
  • Students are supported to reach age related expectations in their literacy through targeted support (quality first teaching/ outside of the classroom).
  • Students read for pleasure.


The table below shows the actions being taken towards each of our literacy policy aims.

Literacy Implementation info graphic


Our Jubilee High School literacy policy aims to ensure that we are:

  • Developing a reading culture in school where students realise the value of reading and follow the lead of teachers who model this. 
  • Supporting students to increase their subject specific vocabulary so they can access their subject curriculum and are exposed to subject specific articles/books which are directly linked to a subject. 
  • Supporting students to see cross curricular links with vocabulary.
  • Ensuring that students who arrive at Jubilee High School with below expected levels of literacy make good progress and are able to fully access the school curriculum.


Literacy Policy

Reading for Pleasure - suggested reading lists

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