Parent Testimonials

Still haven't made up your mind? It is easy for us to tell you about our new facilities, the progress our students make, the support (and challenge) they experience or the top grades they achieve as part of the Jubilee High community. However, we believe that it is important to hear what our parents have to say and how they feel following their decision to enrol their child at Jubilee High.

"What a great start my son has had at Jubilee High School. He has gone from being a boy who disliked going to school every day, to a much more confident young man who is happy to go in each morning.  

The communication the school provided during transition and beyond has been excellent and the feedback I have received about my son’s progress and how he has adapted has been great. 

I feel totally confident that the year 7 team have my son’s best interests at heart and all of the teachers I have interacted with so far have shown a real passion for the school and their pupils. I would be more than happy to recommend Jubilee High School."

Year 7 Parent

"As a parent of a student in year 8 at Jubilee High School I understand the apprehension you go through in choosing a school for your child. I have to say that the openness and supportive nature from day one has been excellent.

My child has been able to develop and grow with the support and encouragement of her teachers in what has been such an unprecedented time. Whether it's been the chance of learning new skills, taking new subjects or making new friends, the Jubilee High School community has been there to support her. She has been able to try new sports such as rowing and trampolining, joined the STEM club and taken part in drama which she has loved. She has also been asked to represent her school at a running event, which along with being a science ambassador has greatly improved her confidence.

During lockdown the use of social media and technology such as Teams and Twitter gave my child the feeling of support and encouragement without being in the school environment which has been essential for her own health and wellbeing. I have to say that I highly recommend Jubilee High School as my overall experience of the staff, the Headteacher, facilities and senior leadership team has been excellent."

Year 8 Parent

"Our son is currently in year 10, and has been a pupil at Jubilee High School since leaving primary school over 3 years ago.

As most parents and pupils will experience, the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a very worrying time, not knowing any of the teachers, and having to cope with multiple classrooms and different teachers. Overall the level of expectation on pupils is massive, and our personal experience was no different.

What I can confidently say is that every teacher at Jubilee High went above and beyond to not only make the transition as smooth as possible, but to also ensure our son was engaged in the learning from the outset to the current day.

We were drawn to Jubilee High because it is a smaller school and an inclusive school. This allows for flexibility in class sizes where extra tuition is needed, and encourages the students to be the best version of themselves, nurturing their strengths whilst helping them to work on their weaknesses. One size does not fit all at Jubilee High School - every student is different and learns in different ways, and this is encouraged and supported.

It took us a while to get used to not having one teacher as you do in primary school, but what we have learnt throughout the years, and what has been absolutely consistent, is the support we have all received. All of his teachers have been incredibly supportive and adaptable with their learning styles, they are always very positive and honest, and will encourage and motivate the student to maximise their learning.

The support we have had as parents has been invaluable. If I send an email, I will consistently get a reply, pretty much immediately even if it is out of hours. Their dedication to developing the students is unquestionable - they are passionate about what they do, and they care about their wellbeing.

I have the utmost confidence that our son is in the safest hands, and he will have the best possible experience and start in life. For that, I would not hesitate to recommend Jubilee High School.

And, if they can go on the ski trip or football trip they should! Our son had an amazing time and will cherish the laughs they had – although not too sure about not washing for a week!"

Year 10 Parent

"Making the right decision about which secondary school you would like your son or daughter to attend can be a difficult one as it is a very important time in their lives. To see them move from primary school to secondary school is a daunting prospect for any parent.

We have three children at Jubilee High School; for us and our children this school was definitely the right choice. We visited Jubilee on a number of occasions for various events which were linked to their primary school; this really helped them to feel a part of the school before actually joining.

Jubilee is a local school for us so our children walk and cycle which is a huge bonus! One of the main benefits for us is the size of the school - it has about 600 pupils. This allows children to settle in quickly and means that the staff get to know your child early on.

School life isn’t always smooth and I must admit that we have had some minor challenges (this happens at every school) but on those rare occasions the incidents have always been dealt with professionally and with sensitivity. Throughout our time at Jubilee, we have felt the genuine care the staff have for our children.

My children all really enjoy drama and dance and Jubilee has a fantastic Performing Arts facility. The school puts on productions and performances all year long and these are professionally presented and great to watch. They also have fantastic sporting opportunities with sporting events being held against other schools in every year group. There is a good range of after school and lunchtime clubs allowing students to try new activities in a safe environment.

Finally the most important person to make this big decision is of course your child. Having visited several schools our children chose Jubilee High School. They have made lots of new friends and are progressing well academically. They are being guided and challenged to help them to fulfil their true potential and to nurture them into well-balanced young adults; for us this has always been really important. "

Parent Governor

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