“Promoting excellent attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community”


Low attendance has a direct relationship with the progress of individuals and groups of students and leaves pupils at a disadvantage both socially and educationally. Attendance impacts on the standards achieved by the school. Parents of registered pupils have a legal duty to ensure that a child of compulsory school age attend school regularly. If a child “fails to attend regularly” then we are not providing our students with the opportunity to progress to the best of their ability. Persistent and/or excessive lateness also impacts students progress and has been set as a failure to attend regularly.



  • To improve the overall attendance of pupils at school
  • To improve pupils’ attainment through excellent attendance
  • To improve pupils’ punctuality
  • To make attendance a priority for all those associated with the Jubilee High School, including: parents, pupils, teachers and governors.


“Excellent attendance is vital in ensuring all children can be the best that they can be”


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Attendance Updates


JHS - Attendance Letter 13th July 2023

HS - Attendance Letter 21st April 2023

JHS - Attendance Letter 26th January 2023

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