Personal Learning Checklists

Personal learning checklists for each subject can be found below. Students should use these checklists to support them with knowing what to revise for each topic in each subject. They can also be used for students to assess their confidence in each area of a topic to guide effective revision. 

For example: The personal learning checklist for a Geography topic has been completed below. The student has identified four areas of the topic as 'red'. These are the areas where the student should begin their revision in this topic. 

Areas that have been identified as 'amber' should then be studied next in their revision timetable. A student may wish to look back over areas identified as green, but these should be areas which receive a lighter touch of revision, so that the timetable is effective. 

Personal learning checklist example

Personal Learning Checklists: 

Biology Paper 1 - Foundation

Biology Paper 2 - Foundation

Biology Paper 1 - Higher 

Biology Paper 2 - Higher 


Chemistry Paper 1 - Foundation

Chemistry Paper 2 - Foundation 

Chemistry Paper 1 - Higher

Chemistry Paper 2- Higher 

Computer Science 

English Language 

English Literature 

Food and Nutrition 


History - Cold War 

History - Norman 

History - USA 

Maths - Foundation

Maths - Higher 

Modern Foreign Language - French 

Modern Foreign Language - Spanish 

Philosophy and Ethics 

Physical Education - NCFEPhysical Education - OCR

Physics Paper 1 - Foundation 

Physics Paper 2 - Foundation 

Physics Paper 1 - Higher

Physics Paper 2 - Higher


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