Useful Links

This page contains some useful links to a variety of sources of information when considering your future pathway at the different stages of your secondary school journey. 

General research

If you are a Jubilee High School student or parent/carer and would like to start to do some research into future carers, the links below provide some useful places to start. 


Provides information on over 1400 different job roles, a Career Wizard tool, and useful information to help you make education and career choices. 

National Careers Service

A database of thousands of careers to explore to explore and research.

icouldFeatures over 1,000 short videos of people talking about their jobs, plus career articles. 

UCASAllows you to explore different jobs and pathways. 

Personality and Aptitude Assessments

If you are not sure which courses and carer paths would suit you best, you might want to take a personality and aptitude assessment. This will help you discover more about your own personbal specific skills and qualities and as a result which types of carers and jobs might suit you best. 

Buzz TestA short test that analyses your personality to see which job might suit you.

16 Personalities

A test that analyses your personality type.

Choosing your GCSEs

If you are currently in year 9 and are starting to think about your options choices there are some useful links below which will help you to consider which subjects may be the most suitable for your carer/ job pathway. 

icouldA short guide to choosing GCSE options. 

BBC BitesizeA webstite which is designed to help you make the smart choice when choosing your GCSE options.


If you are beginging to think about your post 16 options and where you might like to go next, the links below provide some good places to start doing your research about different types of qualifications and the funding available to support with completing these. 

GOV.UKA complete guide on post-16 education including course and funding. 

The Student Room

A guide to further education and advice before starting college for the first time.

All About School LeaversA very interesting article on 'Should I go to College?'

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