Careers Programme

'Your future depends on what you do today'

Careers programme intent 

Our commitment at Jubilee High School is to provide comprehensive careers education that fosters opportunities, broad skills and lifelong career development. By inspiring students to explore their aspirations, we integrate the Gatsby Benchmarks using the CDI framework to ensure excellence in understanding of skills, career exploration, engagement with employers, workplace experiences and guidance from professionals. Through our program, we empower students to make informed decisions, adapt to changing landscapes and embrace lifelong learning for successful career journeys. 

Our team

Jubilee High School Careers Team

Careers Leader: Corin Smith

BET Cluster Careers Director: Tom Corry

Careers Link Governor: Abi Musk

Innervate Careers Advisor: Claire Milne


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The Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks below provide a world-class framework for career guidance, outlining the experiences and information each and every young person should have access to so that they can make an informed decision about their future. At Jubilee High School we ensure that our careers programme meets these benchmarks as students move along their careers journey from year 7 to year 11. 

JHS Gatsby Benchmark progress 2023 (3)

Careers journey 

At Jubilee High School students go on a five year career journey which takes them from thinking about their futures in year 7 to looking at specific careers and jobs that will interest them and the relevant post-16 courses that relate to these interests in year 11. 

Careers journey

Careers in the curriculum

If you would like to look at where individual subject skills might help you later in your career please click on our link below which looks in detail at the skills each subject could offer. 

Careers in the curriculum subject guide

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