Staff Recognition Scheme

At Jubilee High School we are excited to introduce our new staff recognition scheme. We are incredibly proud of the way our staff provide for our students and we are fortunate enough to have supportive families who share these values with us. We appreciate the way all of our staff support our students, helping them to learn safely in their environment and achieve as highly as they can in their chosen qualifications. 

The staff recognition scheme has been set up so that parents/carers/governors/staff and members of our community can show their thanks to staff who they feel have been fundamental to our student’s development.

To ensure your message of thanks is received, please fill out the Staff Recognition Postcard (which can be found using the link below). Once you have completed the postcard, please submit your feedback by using the 'submit button'. This will then be acknowledged by Mr Conroy and forwarded to the recipient. The categories for nominations are as follows:


They inspire others to be the best that they can be. They encourage others to achieve the best for themselves, their peers and the school.


They encourage and motivate staff/students, promoting a positive attitude and atmosphere. They positively influence others by their example.


They are innovative practitioners and challenge existing methods and processes by developing improvements to enhance learning/opportunities


They are approachable, consistent in their approach, willing to collaborate and share ideas. They are committed to excellence and energetic in all they do for the school, the students and the wider community.

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Please click here for the staff recognition postcard


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