Catering Information

Catering Team 

We are delighted to be partnered with our school caterer provider 'Cucina'.

Our aim, along with Cucina, is to provide all students with an exceptional catering experience. The Cucina team will be serving exciting menus packed with healthy ingredients, that are full of variety, and with lots of interesting new things to try. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 8am in the Canteen and is open to all students. A variety of breakfast items are available for students to purchase. For further information about Breakfast Club, please contact the School Office.

School Menus

lease click the link below to view our exciting new menu and prices!

Breaktime Menu Lunchtime Menu

Menu Prices Blue Dot Deal

Juice Station Prices - Bring your own refill bottle from home


Free School Meals


If you think you may be eligible to receive free school meals either now or in the future, even for a short period of time due to a temporary change in circumstances, please download an application form here or contact the School Office who will be able to provide you with further information.  You will only need to provide basic details once to enable your entitlement to be periodically verified during your child's time at Jubilee.

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