GCSE Pathways

At Jubilee High School, we are committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum, which prepares our students effectively for adult life. Our aim is to ensure that when students choose their GCSE pathways in year 9, that they feel prepared and are able to select courses which suit their needs and aspirations. 


At Jubilee High School our rigorous process, led by the Head of Year, ensures the best pathways are selected for each individual student. We take into account a multitude of considerations, with the students at the centre of the decisions. We feel that the families' role in the process is also vital in supporting your child to make decisions and informed choices about their future. Therefore our options pathways process aims to:

  • Ensure that students make informed choices when picking their options. 
  • Ensure all students choose an option pathway that will lead to aspiration and success, as well as a love for learning 
  • Ensure all key stakeholders have a clear understanding of the options process at Jubilee High School 


All students will continue to study the examined core subjects of: 

  • English Language 
  • English Literature 
  • Maths 
  • Science (triple or combined) 
  • Philosophy and Ethics 

In addition, students will continue to study/ take part in the following non-examined subjects: 

  • Core PE 
  • PSHE 

Students will select three option subjects*. These could include a combination of:  

  • GCSE 3D Design 
  • GCSE Business Studies 
  • GCSE Fine Art 
  • GCSE French 
  • GCSE Food and Nutrition 
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE Graphics 
  • GCSE History 
  • GCSE Music 
  • GCSE PE 
  • GCSE Spanish 
  • GCSE Textiles 
  • NCFE Tech Award Health and Fitness 
  • BTEC Tech Award Dance 

*Please note that a subject may not run if there is not enough interest.  

KS4 subject information guide

Options assembly information slides


At Jubilee High School we aim to ensure the options pathway process results in:

  • Students studying a broad and balanced range of subjects  
  • Students enjoying their learning within their GCSE subjects 
  • Students succeeding and making progress in their GCSE subjects

If you have any further questions regarding the options process please contact your child's tutor or head of year. 

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