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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” Joseph Eddison

JHS Community Book Reviews

For all those keen readers out there, Ms Kipps and the English Team have put together a reading list for May for you to work your way through. The lists focuses on different genres and is key stage specific, please click here to view. We would love to hear your Reading for Fun stories - please email your English teacher with any book reviews or pictures of your favourite books.

Reading is a vital part of your child’s development, research tells us that reading improves writing and conversational skills, strengthens World views and knowledge of history as well as teaching children discipline and developing their imaginations.

At Jubilee High we provide cross curricular reading throughout the school day from tutor time reading sessions, extended writing in all subjects, paired reading schemes, library facilities and a lunch time reading club. We know that it is important, at this time, to continue finding ways to encourage our children to read.

This time at home is the perfect chance for students to develop their desire to read for pleasure by allowing them to choose the texts they are interested in reading. The link below has recommendations that are updated termly and ensures a range of abilities are catered for.

Year 7 includes – Gillian Cross, Malorie Blackman, Michael Morpurgo, Phillip Pullman

Year 8 includes – Susan Hill, Louis Sacher, John Wyndham and Anne Fine

Year 9 includes- Judy Blume, Gary Pulsen, Ruddy Doyle, Mary Shelley

Year 10 includes- Emily Bronte, George Orwell, John Steinbeck, John Green

Year 11 Includes- H.G Wells, Khalid Hosseini, George RR Martin, Sebastian Faulkes

KS4 and beyond Reading List

While you prepare for your next steps it is crucial that you continue to read; we have linked a year 11 reading list which will help keep you busy and provide some focus whilst you are away from a typical classroom setting.

Click here for KS4 reading list

‘Bridging the Gap to A-Level’

At JHS we understand that a lot of you will be looking towards A-Level and we want to do all we can to support and prepare you for the next part of your journey in education. Below is a list of 7 things you can do to help you prepare for further study next year.

  1. Be independent. One of the big differences between GCSE and A Level is that you're expected to direct some of your own studies.
  2. Organise yourself. As an A Level student, you'll be expected to take responsibility for your education.
  3. Listen to others.
  4. Make up your own mind.
  5. Keep the passion alive. If there’s a subject that you are most interested in read about it, watch programmes on it, research it and do all you can to broaden your knowledge in that subject area
  6. If you know the subjects you want to study – download the exam specifications
  7. Purchase revision guides that ‘bridge the gap to A-level’

You can also follow the following links to support your preparation for further education:

Jubilee Website: SHMHW Link to A Level Tasks

  • The AQA website offers student and Parent support for further study revision

JHS Parent Reading list

While it is crucial for your child to be mentally and emotionally stimulated during this time – it is important that you, as parents are too. We have put together a list of popular books that might come in handy should you need some relaxation or inspiration! This includes a range of books on wellbeing, classics, popular reads and more.

We were also really excited to hear that Amazon Audible were making free audio books available to download until schools fully open again – please see link below

Reading page 1

Reading page 2

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