Fantastic day at the Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics Challenge at Farnborough College. 

Posted on: 11/03/2020

Ten students from years 7, 8 & 9 took part in the challenges throughout the day.  First up, the robotics speed challenge where we narrowly missed out on 1st place by 0.03 seconds.  Then we moved onto the challenge mat where our challenge robot carried out certain tasks within a 5 min period.  After this the team had to do 2 presentations – one presenting their robots to the judges (design/build/planning/teamwork), and secondly, presenting a solution to an engineering problem that they had worked on in STEM club. 

Lastly, they then took part in an 'on the spot' challenge of building an engineering structure from Lego under timed conditions. 

They really enjoyed their experience and lots of comments were made about how they looked, and how well they engaged with the challenges throughout the day. 

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