Computer Science

'Computer Science is a discipline that seeks to understand and explore the world around us, both natural and artificial, in computational terms'

Curriculum intent and aims

  • Encourage our students to play an active role in the digital world that surrounds them, not to be passive consumers of an opaque and mysterious technology.  Understanding the digital world will allow students to remain safe online.
  • Provide students with the means to access the theoretical foundations, mathematical underpinnings, and application of logic and reasoning.
  • Provide students with the means to design, construct, and test purposeful digital artefacts. To implement the use of computer systems, and understand the principles underlying these designs.
  • Empower our students with a set of computational thinking skills and a computational approach to problem solving.  Providing them with the ability to solve these practical problems is central to the success of science, engineering, business and commerce in the 21st century.
  • Provide students with the means to understand Computing as a quintessential STEM discipline that shares attributes with engineering, mathematics, science, and technology.


The 5 meta-concepts underpinning the Computer Science curriculum are:

Active & Safe

Logic & Reasoning

Design & Build

Computational Thinking


The curriculum sequence and course specifications can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Curriculum Sequence - Computer Science

GCSE specification link:

GCSE Specification - Computer Science 

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