Business Studies

'Business Studies is an adventure into how local / national / global economy works and applying this to identifying business opportunities.'

Curriculum intent and aims

  • Encourage students to understand the topic of enterprise and entrepreneurship to develop an understanding of spotting a business opportunity and putting a business idea into practice.
  • Provide students with the means to be able to think analytically, reach logical conclusions based on data and make judgements on future changes to markets and the economy.
  • Encourage students to have sustainability and business ethics at the forefront of their entrepreneurial decisions.
  • Provide transferable skills allowing students a smooth transition from an educational environment to a work environment, by providing an insight to a multitude of business sectors and departments.


The 6 meta-concepts underpinning the Business curriculum are:

  1. Analysing
  2. Linking
  3. Communication
  4. Application
  5. Context
  6. Critical Thinking

The curriculum sequence and course specifications can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Curriculum Sequence - Business Studies 

GCSE specification link:

GCSE Specification - Business Studies


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