Summer 2022 Exams Timetable

Please find the Summer 2022 exam timetable below. Students start their first exam on Monday 16th May and these run until Monday 27th June, with a COVID contingency day on Wednesday the 29th June. Students do not have study leave during this period; if your child does not have an exam on a day during this period they are expected in school where the timetable has been adjusted to support them with revision. 

JHS - Full Exam Timetable - including warm-up sessions and lessons


MAY 2022






16th May

(AM) Philosophy and Ethics.

(PM) Computing Paper 1

17th May

(AM) Biology Paper 1

18th May

(AM) English language Paper 1

19th May

(AM) History

(PM) Drama

20th May

(AM) Maths Paper 1

(PM) Business Paper 1

23rd May

(AM) Geography paper 1

24th May

(AM) French Listening and Reading

(PM) PE Paper 1

25th May

(AM) English Literature

26th May

(AM) Spanish Listening and Reading

(PM) Philosophy and Ethics

27th May

(AM) Chemistry Paper 1

(PM) Computing Paper 2

JUNE 2022

6th June




7th June

(AM) Maths Paper 2

(PM) Geography Paper 2

8th June

(AM) English Literature

(PM) Further Maths

9th June

(AM) History

(PM) Physics Paper 1

10th June

(AM) English Language Paper 2

(PM) PE Paper 2

13th June

(AM) Maths Paper 3

(PM) Business paper 2

14th June

(AM) Geography Paper 3

15th June

(AM) Biology paper 2

16th June

(PM) French Writing

17th June

(AM) Spanish Writing

20th June

(AM) Chemistry Paper 2

(PM) Food and Nutrition

21st June

22nd June

(AM) Music Component 3

(PM) Further Maths

23rd June

(AM) Physics Paper 2

24th June

27th June

(AM) NCFE Health and Fitness

28th June

29th June


30th June

1st July


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