GCSE Exams 2023

GCSEs are public exams which have set start and end times dictated by the exam boards.

Morning exams start at 9am (students are expected onsite by 8am so they can attend the warm up session). Afternoon exams start at 1.00pm.


If a student arrives to an exam after the paper has already been started they may not be allowed to enter the room so it is imperative that students arrive on time.

 Exam room rules

  • Students are not permitted to communicate with any other student during an exam.
  • Students are also not allowed to have a mobile phone or any pieces of paper on their person.  Mobile phones need to be handed in at reception where the student will receive a numbered card in exchange.  This card must be placed on the student exam desk.  Mobile phones are then locked away.
  • If a student is found to be in possession of a mobile phone (or any other smart device including smart watches) we are duty bound to inform the exam board who may decide to invalidate their exam paper, even if the device is switched off.
  • Students cannot leave an exam room early even if they have finished their paper.
  • Students are not permitted to eat or drink during exams with the exception of water. The water should be in a transparent bottle with the label removed.

Uniform during the exams period

Students are expected to wear full school uniform throughout the exams period. The exception to this may be when the weather is particularly warm when students are permitted to remove their ties and blazers.

Equipment for exams

Stationery packs are provided on exam desks.  If a student wishes to bring their own, then it must be in a clear plastic pencil case.

Scientific calculators are provided where the exam permits, however students can bring their own, with the lid removed.


If a student is ill on the day of a written exam and is so sick that they cannot come to school, a parent or guardian must ring the school immediately to inform the Exams Officer.  As evidence of the sickness a medical certificate should be obtained, which must be signed by the doctor.  The certificate should be sent to the Exams Officer at the earliest opportunity so that the relevant exam board can be notified of the reason for the absence.

Examination clashes

If there is an examination clash, exams will be sat one after the other.  The Examinations Officer will be aware of this situation and will speak to any student concerned.

Exam preparation

In the lead up to public examinations students will have the opportunity to attend revision sessions for each subject. These may take place before school, at lunchtime, after school or during the holidays. These are free of charge and of great use to students who may need extra support during the exam season. We also provide rooms for students to use for quiet independent revision.

Staff also run ‘warm-up’ sessions just prior to exam papers to prepare the students and ensure they are all present before the paper starts. For morning exams these start at 8am.

Students should also be revising at home, even if they are attending the revision classes at school. Staff work hard to teach students revision techniques that they can use at home so that students can become more independent. For more information on how you can support your child through exams at home please visit:



- Feb 4
#JHSCommunity we will be celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week next week. Our theme for the week is “Let’s Connect” where students and staff will enjoy a range of activities focusing on building positive relationships and meaningful connections. 💙💛 #MentalHealthMatters https://t.co/ICecCOUrFb
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Feb 4
The wonderful team at St Peters Hospital showing BET students the hospital education centre, including CPR in the virtual recus room, immersive appendicitis surgery and breathing mannequins, along with a wide range of careers! #NHS #STEMcareers https://t.co/Unbw8b9WLU
- Feb 4
Well done to the Jubilee High students who participated in this event with Mr J and other @BourneTrust schools! 💙 https://t.co/xemcvBYdbj https://t.co/Pzb0GSOZvv
Woking College @WokingCollege - Jan 31
Weekly Careers Bulletin 30th January - Part-time Jobs, Work Experience, Apprenticeships, University Open Days, Events and Advice for all Students. Download now. @WokingCollege https://t.co/s6clHlBAtW https://t.co/WOtRusQqGS
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Jan 31
Mr Youles lighting fires with our Taiwanese exchange students #STEMeducation https://t.co/alXI35Vt7v
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Jan 31
Our Taiwanese exchange students completing heart dissections in science #STEMeducation https://t.co/hm1JgHrB0t
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Jan 27
The wonderful Mr Walsh doing heart dissections with Year 9 today! https://t.co/RFAQfJIGyQ
- Jan 26
#JHSCommunity we have really loved having our exchange students with us this week from Taiwan! Here are some beautiful examples of the polytile prints inspired by Mark Hearld they created in their Art lesson with Miss Donnelly 🖼️💙 https://t.co/5Nnl867rtz
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Jan 26
Dr Joseph Bridgeman from the St Peters hospital education center talking to our Yr 9’s today about the fantastic open event on Saturday 4th Feb! #STEM #STEMcareers https://t.co/grMx07R4fJ
Jubilee High STEM @JubileeHighSTEM - Jan 26
Year 9 students and families - don’t miss out on the fantastic St Peters hospital Education department STEM open day about the wide variety of careers available- there is even a shuttle bus running from Jubilee High School. See link below to sign up! #STEMcareers https://t.co/JDWYJgDKmk
- Jan 22
The #JHSCommunity would like to wish all those in our community celebrating a Happy Luna New Year! #LunarNewYear 🐰💙 https://t.co/asay50kob1
- Jan 18
Last week 12 of our year 9 students travelled to the Mathematical Institute @UniofOxford to attend the 'It all adds up conference'. They had a fantastic day being involved in maths workshops and looking at where the subject can take you in the future! #careers #discover https://t.co/Fy950gbPb0
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