Yr 11 Cohort 2021 - 2022

Welcome to the year 11 cohort 2021/2022 examinations area. Here parents, carers and students can find information relating to MOCK, GCSE examinations, after school intervention and holiday revision sessions. 

Year 11 - Mock Timetable Autumn Term 2021

Year 11 - October Half Term Intervention Timetable


- Nov 24
Well done Indie! It's great to see our students achieving inside and outside the classroom! #discover #succeed #achieve #squash https://t.co/gk17jS5Hxf
Jubilee High Food and Nutrition @jhsfood - Nov 19
Massive thank you to @HeroesFish for your donation of mussels. KS4 students had a fantastic week making and eating chilli and garlic mussels @jubileehigh #musselpower #CookingatJubilee https://t.co/zuKpSWxHG1
Addlestone Salvation Army @AddlestoneSA - Nov 19
We are so pleased to be at @jubileehigh every Friday lunch time starting today! We are offering a confidential listening space, a chance for students to breathe and relax. if you're a student at Jubilee High School, pop by and say hi this lunchtime! 😊🥳🌊 https://t.co/QHljJiow2E
- Nov 19
#JHSCommunity for #AntiBullyingWeek we have been asking our students to share #OneKindWord! Here are just a few of the lovely messages! 💙 https://t.co/Y2rfnBGsuB
St George's Weybridge @sgweybridge - Nov 19
Continuing our support of #partnershipsweek, we're grateful that @jubileehigh have welcomed one of our teachers. Mr Giblin will be teaching biology one day a week at Jubilee High to help him gain his British Teacher Training Qualification #powerofpartnerships #schoolstogether
Jubilee Science @JubileeScience - Nov 18
Today year 11 were using the molecular model sets to identify the products of different reactions involving alkenes. @jubileehigh https://t.co/P2QDSXaO0v
St George's Weybridge @sgweybridge - Nov 18
It's @ISC_schools #partnershipsweek and we've launched a new relationship with Addlestone's @jubileehigh. This year, we'll work on mutually beneficial projects including a reading initiative where SGC students visit Jubilee High School to read to younger year groups. https://t.co/Jw9vs5sHCV
- Nov 18
#JHSCommunity 💙 a reminder about our staff recognition scheme that we launched last half term! It would be lovely for our staff to receive some recognition if you feel they have gone above and beyond! #Actsofkindness https://t.co/7wPZpRgXrj
JHS Performing Arts @jhs_DanceDrama - Nov 18
A little sneak peek of Year 10’s Evolution of Dance. Buy your tickets now for our spectacular Christmas Show. https://t.co/HlnzAU88QS https://t.co/wNZNhMT2v5
- Nov 16
Last half term Miss Donnelly and a group of her year 10 art students were invited to visit local artist, Emma-Leone Palmer. The visit was hugely inspiring as students had both the opportunity to view a piece of work in progress and speak to Emma about her work. Thank you Emma! https://t.co/oGhgdad5nK
JHSMusic @JHSMusic2 - Nov 16
These trees are decorated with musical ornaments: trills, turns, acciaccaturas, appoggiaturas, mordents, and glissandos! @jubileehigh https://t.co/cBWUYmA2pP
- Nov 15
Today our students and staff proudly wore their #OddSocks for #OddSocksDay2021 in support of #AntiBullyingWeek! #JHSCommunity 💙 https://t.co/2bAV3s2gsi
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