Live Lessons

The timetable from Wednesday 24th June and onwards will be as follows:

Subject Staff Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Business/ Computer science Mr Linnell     9b/Bs1        9c/Bs1 10b/Bs1
Computer Science Miss Murray     9b/Cp1  
Dance Miss May     9JM/Da        9b/Dr1 10JM/Da1                10BM/Da2
English Mr Harrington   8a/En2 8a/En3 8b/En2   10a/En3 10b/En3
Geography Mrs Connarty       10a/Ge1         10b/Ge1
History Miss Keegan       10/Hi1
History Mr Devoy   8A & 8B band 9A/Hi1 9C/Hi1 10c/Hi1 10a/Hi2
History Miss Gilchrist 7A & 7B band      
Maths Miss Street 7a/Ma3   9a/Ma1 9b/Ma1 10a/Ma2
Maths Mrs Ford Cox  7a/Ma1 7b/Ma1 8a/Ma3   10a/Ma1  10b/Ma1
Maths Mr Chellingworth      9b/Ma2      9a/Ma2  9a/Ma3 10b/Ma2
PE Mr Johnson     9TJ/Pe 10TJ/Pe
PE Miss Beard     9AB/Pe  
RE Mr Crowther       10aPI1   10b/PI2
RE Mrs Afolabi       10b/PI1    10a/PI2
Science Mrs Heeley     9a/Ch1 9b/Ch1    9a/Ch2 9b/Ch2 10a/Ch1 10b/Ch1 10a/Ch2 10b/Ch2
Science Miss Sherrard   8a/Sc1 8b/Sc1   10a/Bi2 10b/Bi2                     10a/Bi3 10b/Bi3
Science Miss Batka 7a/Sc2 7b/sc2 8a/Sc2 8b/Sc2    
Science Miss Riordan     9a/Phy3             9a/Phy2 9b/Phy2 9a/Ph1 9b/Phy1 10a/Phy2 10b/Phy2            10a/Phy3 10b/Phy3
French Miss Ezraty     9a/Fr1  
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