Letters to Parents

All communication to parents during this time will be made through the normal chanels. Please monitor your designated parent email address for the latest updates.

Can we ask that during this time parents avoid referring to the schools Facebook page or other forms of social media.



Page Downloads Date  
1 - JHS COVID-19 Coronavirus update 11 March 2020 11th Mar 2020 Download
2 - JHS COVID-19 Partial Closure 17th March 17th Mar 2020 Download
4 - JHS COVID-19 Exam letter 21 March 2020 21st Mar 2020 Download
5 - JHS COVID-19 Head update 23 March 2020 23rd Mar 2020 Download
3 - JHS COVID-19 Full Closure 19 March 2020 19th Mar 2020 Download
6 - JHS COVID-19 update letter from Head 24 March 2020 24th Mar 2020 Download
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