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Class of 2019 rise to GCSE’s challenge

Our Year 11 students were celebrating yesterday after receiving their GCSE exam results. Their commitment realized their true potential and they got the results they deserved through their hard work. Overall the school saw a dramatic improvement in the number of students achieving grade 4+ in both English and Mathematics. 77% of English students achieved grade 4 or higher, and in Mathematics 69% of students achieved grade 4 or higher. This has led to a significant 17% improvement in the number of students achieving grade 4+ in both subjects.
A similar story has also been seen in the measure of student academic progress. Indicative results show the school achieving a positive Progress 8 score of + 0.14.
It has also been a strong year for students achieving GCSE top grade 9s with over 30 across all subject’s, the most in the school’s history. Over 40% of Triple Science results were within grades 9 - 7 whilst 30% of French results fell within grades 9 - 7 and 100% between 9 – 4.
Head of School Mark Conroy said “I am so proud of my students and their achievements. In my first year at the school it has been a pleasure to work with them; they have shown themselves to be an inspirational group of young people, both academically and morally. I must also thank my staff and the parents for their support and commitment across this year. Your trust has been greatly appreciated and invaluable in ensuring this success.”


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