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We are a small and inclusive comprehensive school in Addlestone serving the educational needs of families in Runnymede, Woking and Elmbridge.

We are committed to excellence in learning and teaching, and our priority as a school is to ensure our students achieve more than they thought possible. Our students benefit from an extensive range of artistic, cultural and sporting activities and enjoy a varied and engaging curriculum. Read More



16th August 2017 Open events for year 5 & 6 families. Please follow the link and retweet too. Read more
10th August 2017 What are you reading this summer?
8th August 2017 Students! Even in the summer holidays you can make your payment for the Belgium and Isle of Wight...
29th July 2017 Following our successful staff vs students game we handed over a cheque for Alfie King. Support h...
28th July 2017 Our staff rowers are doing well. Come on Jubilee! Read more
28th July 2017 Well done to our former student Niamh Ashley for securing a DADA (dance) scholarship
26th July 2017 Great to have so many Year 6 students with us. Read more
25th July 2017 Books collected! Thank you students for your help! Read more
22nd July 2017 Stop press! Summer newsletter ready for reading. Read more
21st July 2017 PGL 2017 - Further delays.....16:45 ETA
21st July 2017 Fantastic Race for Life today. Unbelievable fundraising all week with £1,893 raised for
21st July 2017 PGL 2017- Estimated ETA is 16.00-16.15, lots of traffic!
20th July 2017 The 7 Wanderers winning team! Read more
20th July 2017 Year 7 team-building! Read more
20th July 2017 Dear parents, as we prepare for the year ahead we would like to invite you to complete a parent s...
20th July 2017 What an amazing place the Tower of London is!! Read more
20th July 2017 We're here!! Traitors Gate. Next up the Crown Jewels. Read more
20th July 2017 Kids had a great time at Disneyland! Can't wait to tell you all about it!
20th July 2017 Read more
20th July 2017 Year 7 & 8 trip to the Tower of London. Off we go!! Read more
19th July 2017 Great house pride in the relays!!
19th July 2017 Tug of war!! Fun fact - the only Olympic event that you win by going backwards!! ...
19th July 2017 Unbelievable high jump technique from year 8's!! Read more
19th July 2017 Year 7 & 8 Sports Day warm up. Go teams!! Read more
18th July 2017 What do you need to wear for Enrichment? See pic! 😀 Read more
18th July 2017 Enrichment days start tomorrow. Don't forget the sun cream and sun hat!
17th July 2017 PGL 2017- Suns out for the Giant Swing!!! Read more
17th July 2017 Thank you to Year 7 & 8 parents who attended Graduation and Accreditation Afternoons. Amazing sup...
17th July 2017 Welcome back Jamie. We are so proud of you! Read more
16th July 2017 PGL 2017 - Jacobs ladder has started! Read more
16th July 2017 PGL 2017- We have arrived and settled in! Games have already started.......Take it easy Mr Gandar...
16th July 2017 Have a great time! Read more
16th July 2017
16th July 2017 Confederation Plaques nearly finished and ready for all our partner schools!
15th July 2017 Please join us for our Summer Fair tomorrow from 11am-3pm! 🌞🍨
14th July 2017 Jubilee student individually more than £100. Wow! Read more
14th July 2017 Who's excited for the Paris trip? We are!! Not long to go now!
13th July 2017 Great message from Joanna. Read more
13th July 2017 Celebration Evening was a great success. Thanks to for your presentation of awar...
12th July 2017 thank you for following . Thank you for attending Celebration Evening...
12th July 2017 Year 7 using their epraise points for a pizza party! Read more
12th July 2017 Miss Beard's tutor group raising money for cancer research with a school car wash. Superb work te...
12th July 2017 Congratulations to Connor Ponting who participated in the London Open for Taekwondo on Sunday 9th...
11th July 2017 Excellent pop ups from year 7 students. Read more
11th July 2017 Please follow the link for BET support staff vacancies. Read more
11th July 2017 Thanks for a great day. Our Year 10 students appreciated a taste of 6th form studies.
11th July 2017 Congratulations to Sonny Flint who has just won the England Bronze squash tournament this weekend...
8th July 2017 Year 7 - Textiles Read more
8th July 2017 Very impressive physics revision from 9X1 today. Well done!
6th July 2017 Preparing for the final session of the summer! Read more

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