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Jubilee students take part in Pupil Parliament

Runnymede Schools hold another Pupil Parliament

Runnymede South Confederation (a partnership of nineteen schools) held another successful Pupil Parliament on 2nd May 2017 in the Runnymede Borough Council Chamber in Addlestone. One of many pupil voice events over the last decade, thirty two children from eight primary schools and a team of senior students from Jubilee High and Fullbrook secondary schools debated their ideas on community values.

The Mayor of Runnymede, Councillor Alan Alderson welcomed the children and opened the Parliament which was also attended by Chris Hunt, Head of Community Development at Runnymede Borough Council.

Senior students opened proceedings, facilitated the debate, and conducted the voting. Each school had the opportunity to present their own school values and explain how these translate into the wider community.

A lively debate followed around ideas for local and community values which would be meaningful for residents and young people in the area. Golden threads emerged from the debate – compassion for everyone, tolerance and respect for those we live and work with, and how as individuals, our own personal resilience and endeavour are all key to having a happy and thriving community.

For the first time a trophy was awarded to the school that had made the best presentation and contribution to the debate. Congratulations go to the pupils of St Paul’s Church of England Primary School in Addlestone who delivered a thought-provoking presentation.

At the end of the morning the Mayor commented “I was very impressed with the quality of those speaking, their presentations, and the passionate and persuasive arguments put forward about our values in society.”


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