Physical Education

Head of department Mr A Monk


The Physical Education department is made up of 4 enthusiastic and extremely dedicated team members.

Years 7 & 8

Year 7 students start the year with an “Introduction to secondary PE” unit. They take part in a number of fitness tests so that every student can develop an understanding of their own strengths and areas for improvement.  This year we have started to introduce a theory based lesson into their curriculum to start preparing them for the rigors of examination PE.

Year 8

During Year 8 we build upon the foundations laid in Year 7 and start to prepare the pupils for their options by giving them experience of both GCSE and NCFE style lessons so that they can choose appropriate options at the end of the year. Both practical and theory grades will impact on the course they will be able to access.

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils are introduced fully to the workload and challenge of examination PE, be it GCSE PE or NCFE Health and Fitness. The new GCSE specification is 70% theory which is tested via 2 hour long papers covering topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology, Training Programmes and Dietary Requirements and 30% practical and is assessed via participation in three sports from the approved list.

NCFE is primarily theory based and assessed via 1 exam and three coursework modules. The content is very similar to that of the GCSE however it does not go into quite as much depth on some topics. Practically they are assessed on their ability to carry out fitness tests and a personal exercise programme of their own design.

Years 10 & 11

By Year 10 students will have been selected to follow one of two separate specifications, OCR’s 9-1 GCSE Physical Education or NCFE’s Level 2 Certificate in Health and Fitness. Both courses cover all aspects of the human body including an Anatomy and Physiology unit, as well as sociocultural issues surrounding sports participation and how a person’s diet can affect health and fitness. Both courses require the students to sit at least one exam and the focus for both specifications is very much centred on the theoretical aspect of physical education.


Homework serves two main functions within PE, the practical side where pupils are required to develop their physical fitness and technical abilities; and the theoretical side where pupils are encouraged to develop and extend their classroom based learning as well as prepare themselves for future lessons.


We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities within the Physical Education department covering both recreational and competitive activities. The traditional team sports of football, netball and cricket have provided much success for Jubilee over recent years. From Years 7-11 we field 7 boys and 3 girls’ football teams, every year group has squads who represent the school in netball, cricket, rounders and athletics.  Since the 2015 academic year we have developed a partnership with Weybridge rowing club which has allowed us to introduce our Year 9-11 students to the wonderful sport of rowing and has proved to be very popular.  Other clubs include Rugby, Gaelic football, Basketball, Softball and Badminton. Our KS3 boy’s badminton squad are currently ranked 4th in Surrey and are looking forward to climbing up the rankings over the next few seasons.

Sports tours are a new addition to our offerings and the 2015/16 school year saw our Year 11s travel to Holland for two matches and the chance to experience some of the continent’s cultural delights.

Additional Information

All pupils taking a sports option are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities, however GCSE PE students are required to take part in a minimum of one sports club each week to supplement the sports being used for their practical assessments.

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