Modern Languages

Head of department: Mrs LConnarty


MFL is an animated and exciting subject taught at Jubilee High School.

We work not only to develop skills to communicate in other languages but also to support and extend their literacy knowledge. We develop students' skills in reading, listening, writing and translating.

Our students benefit from a modern suite of classrooms, each featuring an interactive whiteboard and fortnightly language laboratory lessons in a computer suite for our Key Stage 4 classes.

Year 7

Pupils are introduced to both French and Spanish with a range of topics including: describing yourself, family, school, hobbies, studying the present tense and describing art.

Year 8

Pupils continue Key Stage 3 and develop their communication skills using 2 or more tenses. Pupils extend their vocabulary in themes such as: holidays, local area, leisure and eating out. Pupils complete the FCSE accredited certification.

Year 9

In year 9, pupils start the GCSE course and study a range of topics at a higher level. Skills are developed with a more complex range of grammatical structures, vocabulary and communication.

Year 10

Students in year 10 follow the AQA's linear MFL specification. We will use and extend all skills in order to communicate and understand a range of topics including: identity and culture, employment and local, national, international and global areas of interest.

Year 11

Our year 11 pupils complete 4 controlled assessments on four topics: health, school and education, free time and home and local area. They complete a reading and listening assessment in May. We help our pupils express their ideas in a foreign language and understand a range of opinions throughout the topics.


Homework in MFL is designed to support what pupils have learnt in class and can also be to research new vocabulary or culture.


The MFL department plans trips abroad including recent trips to Madrid and Paris. This serves a vital role in allowing our students to practise all that they have learnt and also the opportunity to experience another culture.

Additional information

MFL can help take our young learners wherever they want to go, whether it is abroad or working closer to home in an international business.