ICT/Computing/Business Studies

Head of department: Mr J Linnell


ICT at Jubilee is constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of the modern world. We are extremely well resourced with three dedicated ICT suites (32 student PCs in each), tablets, Lego robots, Raspberry PIs and audio video technology. Alongside the dedicated suites we have an additional 150+ student PCs, a music Mac room, laptops and many more resources for students to use to develop their ICT skills across the curriculum.

Year 7

In Year 7 we introduce students to e-safety, data handling, animation and a range of programming tools including flowcharts in Flowol and block programming in Scratch and on BBC MicroBits.

Year 8

Year 8 build on the foundation of Year 7 and move into coding using HTML/CSS, Python and JavaScript. We also extend the data handling using Excel and Access, learn more about the physical characteristics of digital technology and its impact on society and develop 2D and 3D graphic skills in Photoshop and SketchUp.

Years 9, 10 & 11

We offer two subjects in Key Stage 4, Computer Science and Business Studies.

Computer Science (OCR) is an extremely involved course covering the technical, theoretical and practical elements of computing. It covers the computer hardware and software architecture and a variety of programming languages. There is a controlled assessment element worth 40% of the grade and two external examinations worth 30% each. As well as the theory and programming we look at a range of skills builders including taking apart PCs and other technology and building Lego robots to program.

Business Studies (WJEC) is an exciting subject that aims to develop the student’s knowledge and skills in a wide variety of business elements and a deeper understanding of current affairs. We start by looking at business structures and the role of the entrepreneur. From there we look at how businesses interact with their customers and utilise the marketing mix. Production of goods and services allows us to explore the operational aspects of manufacturing. We look into finance and the structure of the work force, developing understanding of legal, moral and ethical issues surrounding running a company. The controlled assessment is focused on the success of local businesses and how this can be improved. This accounts for 25% of the grade with the other 75% from a single external examination. 


Homework is set weekly and related to the current learning in the subject. The vast majority of homework can be done without the use of a computer if necessary but we do provide access if the need arises.


We have a computing club running at the moment and when there is demand we also run a Lego robot club.

Useful Links                                           

Computer Science develops logical thinking and problem solving so can lead to a broad range of careers in research and development, programming, design and engineering.

Useful websites include:





Business Studies sets up the students to take part in the world of business and enterprise, be it in a managerial role or as an entrepreneur. It is a great forerunner to A-level Business Studies or Economics.

Useful websites include: