Head of department: Mr S Rivers


History at Jubilee High is a hugely popular and engaging subject, taught by four teachers with different styles and a keen sense of how to impart knowledge to the students in the classroom and in delivering varied lessons of multiple learning styles to achieve the best levels of progress.  In History our students develop many cross curricular skills from drama to art & design to literacy as well as history specific skills such as detailed source analysis and interpretations of information and sources.  The lessons ensure a well-rounded knowledge of the subject as well as gaining useful skills for future careers. Our students benefit from a modern suite of classrooms, each featuring an interactive whiteboard as well as lessons in the ICT suites and if a role play is needed the field as well!

Year 7

Year 7 students will study the Normans and the Norman conquest followed by the Medieval period and then finally the Tudors, taking a chronological look through British History from 1066-1603.  The students will develop their historical skills, ability to interpret information and sources and form judgments about the impact these time periods had on history.

Year 8

Year 8 students will continue the chronological theme and will study the Stuarts, the Georgians and slavery, the Victorians and then end with WW1 and WW2.  The skills learnt from Year 7 will be built upon and new skills such as cause and consequence analysis will be introduced. The significance of key events will become more predominant as the year goes on.

Year 9

Year 9 is the beginning of our 3 year GCSE course which poses its own challenges.  The students will need to grasp the increased level of content of our topics as well as using the style of questions that have been introduced through Years 7 and 8 to aid them in their understanding.  Students will study America 1920-73, a brief hiatus to look in depth at WW2 before ending the year with the Cold War and the impact that had on Europe.

Year 10 & 11

Year 10 and 11 will continue to follow AQA’s History specification and will complete their final 2 topics which are:

  • Power and the People, looking in depth across a large period on how power shifts from group to group e.g. from the King to Parliament
  • a case study on the Normans which will bring them full circle back around to Year 7 and their original topic.

Students will also revisit America and the Cold War as well as being given time for in-depth revision of both skills and content with practice papers, exam skills, revision training and a high level of intervention if required.


Homework in History is designed to extend and develop the learning in the classroom. The tasks set will be aimed to allow students to showcase different skills and different strengths depending on their individual learning styles. Examples may include building a castle out of textile materials or baking a castle cake, creating job adverts or the classic exam style questions.


The History department are currently planning trips to visit chosen Norman sites such as Hastings as well looking at the possibility of trips to the Battlefields of Europe and cross curricular trips with other Humanities subjects to places that could include Italy or areas more local to us here in the South East.

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