Design Technology

Head of department:  Mr A Johns


Design & Technology at Jubilee gives students a fantastic opportunity to explore and create with a range of modern materials and processes. Starting in Year 7, all students are exposed to four main areas of DT including Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Textiles and Food & Cookery. Year 7 and 8 students receive an equal amount of lesson time within all the four areas and are encouraged to develop, experiment and innovate with exciting projects both in and out of the classroom. Our students benefit from a modern suite of classrooms and workshops, subject specialist staff, and tools and machinery featuring the latest industry CAD/CAM technologies including a laser cutter.

Year 7

In Year 7 students complete a hand held game project, focusing on woodwork and plastics key skills – building a fundamental skillset which is built upon in future projects. Year 7s also visit Food & Cookery where they create a range of dishes from worldwide cuisine and Textiles where students create merchandise for London Zoo including a cushion cover. Finally Graphic Products, where students learn how to draw and sketch, as well as utilise Adobe Creative Suite software to design posters and promotional material using CAD/CAM technologies.

Year 8

Year 8 aims to build on the foundation practical skill-set discovered in Year 7. The students rotate the same four areas of DT but with more in-depth study and personalisation of the projects. They are encouraged to utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to further their work and utilise different materials within the same project. Students also learn how to plan, evaluate and design a range of products with confidence.

Year 9

In Year 9 students can choose which area of DT they would like to specialise in, with GCSEs offered in Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Food & Cookery. The AQA examination board is used for Resistant Materials and Graphic Products and Food & Cookery with NCFE. All courses are weighted 50/50 with coursework and a terminal examination respectively. Coursework tasks are set by the examination boards but are usually varied and students design and make a vast array of exciting and professional shop quality products. Year 9 students usually begin by learning the foundation skills needed in all DT areas, with the coursework usually starting in Year 10.

Years 10  & 11

Year 10 usually sees the beginning of the coursework where students choose their own design brief. Their ideas are hatched and explored throughout the design process, starting with research and ending with manufacturing and testing their final product. Year 11 students begin to focus more on revision for their exams and finishing coursework.


Homework is set regularly; once a fortnight for lower school and once a week for Years 9-11, or sometimes more often depending on the topic being covered.


Students are offered technology-specific seminars and revision sessions as well as a range of catch-up classes and support sessions throughout the week. Lower school students are particularly encouraged to attend clubs in DT which include Automotive Design Club, RM Club, CAD/CAM Club and Art/Graphics Club.

Additional Information

Our DT options provide students with a fantastic foundation for further study, including careers in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering, Construction, Graphic Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion and Textiles, Video Game Design, Illustration, Manufacturing, Animation and many more. Our staff have backgrounds in Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing, Fine Art, Textiles and Fashion and often give advice to students on how to begin a career in these industries. Many of our students go on to study a range of A-levels and further courses at college and DT options provide a range of skills including innovation, problem-solving, team-working, interpersonal skills to name but a few. More information can be found at: