Head of department: Mrs H Ruding-Bryan


Dance at Jubilee High School is thriving! It is taught by 2 dedicated and ex-professional dancers who are committed to delivering exciting, energetic and stimulating lessons. Our dance teachers have had first-hand experience in the professional Theatre world as well as Television, Music Videos, Trade Shows and The All England Dance Championships. This is something we believe to be imperative if we are to inspire the Dancers and Choreographers of tomorrow.

We instil confidence in our students as well as fitness and well-being. We assess the student’s practical work every half-term with invited performances to audiences of parents, carers and peers.

Our students benefit form a state of the art theatre, with full professional lighting and sound rig, large stage and 300 seater auditorium, drama workshop studio and mirrored dance studio as well as bespoke practice rooms, school hall and gymnasium.

Years 7 and 8

Taster lessons within Drama and PE time are provided to inform students on their GCSE dance option choice.  Whole school and house drama/dance competitions support students in years 7 and 8.

Year 9

In Year 9 students develop the skills and techniques needed for the course. We study Contemporary, Ballet, Jive/Swing, National and Cultural Dance, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop Commercial and Choreography. We look at body conditioning, fitness and technique, partner work, footwork, presentation skills, learning and replicating choreography, safe dance practice and the history of Dance.

Year 10

As they move into Year 10 students hone their skills and begin the prep work for their BTEC folder and performance assessments. We cover Dance technique and use of props, Musical Theatre and use of costume, duet and trio choreography, double work and contact lifts, Acro Lyrical, dance in different locations and musicality. We refine the skills of performance and projection of emotion through dance as well as recording how the students use dance sessions and logs to track their progress and assess their progression.

Year 11

In Year 11, students complete the 3 Units for the BTEC level 2 qualification. They begin with Unit 04, ‘Dancer in Training’. They participate in dance technique sessions, complete rehearsal logs and schedules, baseline skills audits and evaluate their skill progression throughout this unit. They then learn 2 different dance styles and perform one, which is internally assessed. They then complete the external assessment for Unit 01. This comprises learning and performing 2 contrasting solos and writing a letter of application to a professional theatre company. Finally, they complete Unit 02, which is the ‘Summer Showcase.’ They research different genres of dance and compile a list to create their own dance show event. They work on choosing dance styles and performance pieces and compile them together, rehearse them and advertise their show which is open to an invited audience. This is where students showcase all the techniques and skills learnt over the course. This is then evaluated and graded.


It is imperative that students learn the practical skills needed for the BTEC course; therefore, in Year 9, the homework set is largely based on attendance of extra-curricular clubs, choreography and stretching. As they move into Year 10 and 11 the written element of the course comes into play and students complete evaluations, skills audits and research tasks. This occurs every week and ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


We run a variety of dance clubs here at Jubilee High School including The Dance Company, The Advanced Dance Company, Boys Hip-Hop, Ballet Ensemble, Choreography sessions and multiple workshops.

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