Learning Support

On entry to Jubilee High School, all students in Year 7 undertake a screening process. The results of this, together with data from Key Stage2 and information from feeder schools, inform our support arrangements.

Every student on the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice at SEN Support Arrangements or those with a Statement or EHCP is regularly monitored and interventions are put into place where necessary.  We have access to the local authority locality team, who will offer advice and support from specialist Behaviour Support Teachers, Learning and Language Support Teachers and the school’s designated Educational Psychologist. We also have visits from other professionals on request.

We are able to apply for access arrangements for all external examinations, for students who meet the criteria for additional help. These include the use of a reader, scribe, extra time or use of a laptop. Applications are made, according to strict criteria from the examination boards throughout the year for modular examinations, but primarily for summer GCSEs.

The staff in the department are always happy to discuss progress and any concerns that parents may have regarding general progress in school.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers temporary respite for students who are unable to access learning in the mainstream classroom due to their SEN needs and Disabilties.

It is run by Teaching Assistants and students are expected to work on the same lessons as their peers, with a view to their eventual full reintegration.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs D. Kirton

SENCO / Head of COIN Centre / Executive SLT

01932 884800 ext.4125

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