Exam & Revision Timetables 2016/17

On this page you will find all the information you should require about the 2016/17 examinations

Examination Results Day

Examination Results Day will be Thursday 24th August; your results will be available for collection between 11.00am-12.30pm in G1.

Please do not arrive early as results will not be available before 11.00 am.

If you are unable to attend to collect your results for any reason please provide us with a stamped, self- addressed A4 envelope and we will send the results to you at your home address.

If you wish someone else to collect the results on your behalf then we must receive written permission from you, and the nominated person must carry proof of their identity.

You will be notified when your certificates are available for collection.

In the autumn term we will announce on our website when you will be able to collect your certificates, so remember to look for this.

They will available for collection by mid-November.

Summer 2017 Public Examinations timetable - click here

All Year 11 students are expected to be in school for registration. The timetable will run as normal except if there is an exam or collapsed revision session (shown in red). After half term, students will be needed for exams and revision sessions.

Important candidate information with regard to examinations:

Written Exams; Social Media; No Mobile Phones poster; Warning to Candidates

Whole School Exam Timetable

Year 7 Revision resources

Year 8 Revision resources

Year 9 Revision resources

Year 10 Revision resources

Years 7 to 10 Revision - Science; MFL; RE; DT; Health & Social; English; ICT; Mathematics; History; Geography; PE

KS3 Revision booklet Science Year 7 & Year 8; KS4 Overview English; Maths Revision; Drama GCSE revision