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Name Date File Size Category  
Admissions Policy 2018 29th Mar 201745 KBPolicies Download
Admissions Policy 2019 07th Mar 201844 KBPolicies Download
Admissions Policy 2019 12th Mar 201844 KBPolicies Download
Anti-bullying policy 2017 06th Feb 2018614 KBPolicies Download
Attendance Policy 28th Nov 201665 KBPolicies Download
Bad Weather Policy 26th Nov 201538 KBPolicies Download
Behaviour for learning policy 2017 06th Feb 20182 MBPolicies Download
Behaviour Procedures 23rd Sep 201560 KBPolicies Download
BET Data Protection Policy 24th May 2018447 KBPolicies Download
BET Pupil Privacy Notice 24th May 2018287 KBPolicies Download
BET School Workforce Privacy Notice 24th May 2018274 KBPolicies Download
Catch up Premium Report 10th Nov 2016467 KBPolicies Download
Character Letter 06th Sep 201782 KBLetters General Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 11th Sep 201744 KBPolicies Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 19th Dec 2017302 KBPolicies Download
Complaints policy and procedure 09th Dec 201685 KBPolicies Download
Cyberbullying 05th Oct 2017102 KBE-Safety Download
Exam info policy 2014 23rd Feb 2015103 KBPolicies Download
Freedom of Information 28th Nov 201763 KBPolicies Download
GDPR Parent letter 25th May 2018262 KBLetters General Download
Guide for Parents and Carers - WhatsApp 26th May 2017177 KBLetters General Download
Guide for Parents and Carers – Instagr... 26th May 2017350 KBLetters General Download
Guide for Parents and Carers – Kik Mes... 26th May 2017394 KBLetters General Download
Guide for Parents and Carers – YouTube 26th May 2017373 KBLetters General Download
Health & Safety Policy 06th Mar 20182 MBPolicies Download
Home school agreement 2017 06th Feb 2018411 KBPolicies Download
Inappropriate Websites 05th Oct 201797 KBE-Safety Download
Instagram 05th Oct 2017350 KBE-Safety Download
KIK Messenger 05th Oct 2017394 KBE-Safety Download
Normandy Trip - Easter 2019 11th May 20181 MBLetters General Download
Parent Guide 10th Oct 20164 MBLetters General Download
Pupil Premium Report 15th Dec 2017139 KBPolicies Download
Rewards 18th Sep 201560 KBPolicies Download
Risks children face online: Accessing in... 26th May 201797 KBLetters General Download
Risks children face online: Cyberbullyin... 26th May 2017102 KBLetters General Download
SEN Policy 29th Mar 2018116 KBPolicies Download
Sex Relationships Education Policy 18th Jul 201691 KBPolicies Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition... 18th Jul 201635 KBPolicies Download
Whatsapp 05th Oct 2017177 KBE-Safety Download
Whistleblowing Policy 12th Oct 201733 KBPolicies Download
Year 8 Options Booklet 27th Feb 20182 MBYear 8 Download
YouTube 05th Oct 2017373 KBE-Safety Download