Transport links to Jubilee High School

Travelling to and from Jubilee High School

  • Public Buses

Please click on this link for public bus route details

Bus routes which lead to Jubilee High are 437, 461, 514, 556 and 557

  • The Yellow Bus Service

The American-style Yellow Bus scheme is run by Runnymede Borough Council and covers the local area.  Fares are payable via the school in advance every half-term and there is a reduction for siblings.

Buses on routes 5 and 6 travel to school in the morning. The route 4 bus leaves school at 4pm and travels via Chertsey and Staines. For more detailed information on stopping places please contact the school office or click on the route below.

                                                            From               To                   Via

Bus Route 6 (am)      Stops 1 to 4       Staines            Jubilee High   Chertsey

Bus Route 5 (am)      Stops 1 to 5       Chertsey         Jubilee High

Bus Route 4 (pm)      Stops 1 to 6       Jubilee High    Staines            Chertsey

                                 Stops 7 to 11

  • Trains

Addlestone railway station is less than a mile from Jubilee High and many pupils use the trains. Here is a summary of current departure and arrival times:

Morning         From:  Egham 7.49am                  

                                    Virginia Water 7.53am                    

                                    Chertsey 7.59am                              

                        To:       Addlestone 8.02am

Afternoon      From: Addlestone 3.32pm         

                                    Chertsey 3.40pm                               

                                    Virginia Water 3.45pm                      

                        To:       Egham 3.53pm

Morning         From:  Woking 7.32am

                                    West Byfleet 7.37am

                                    Byfleet/New Haw [7.49am]       

                                    Weybridge 8.03am

                        To:       Addlestone 8.07am

Afternoon     From:   Addlestone 3.32pm 

                                    Weybridge 3.37pm

                                    Byfleet/New Haw 4.00pm

                                    West Byfleet 4.03pm  

                        To:       Woking 4.08pm