Primary Liaison

Jubilee High School believes that working with all its Primary school partners is the key to successful student transition from Year 6 to year 7. We dedicate our time and efforts in many ways to ensure successful transition to Secondary school, which include:-

  • Being a strong and active member of the Runnymede South Confederation (a group of local Primary schools who work together to promote achievement)
  • Acting as the host centre for the Runnymede South Confederation
  • Our Primary Liaison Coordinator works with more than 15 Primary schools to ensure we support the seamless transition into Secondary school.
  • We run Taster and More Able lessons throughout the academic year for many  Primary schools.
  • We deliver 3 major Primary events each year for over 200 children, with parents attending the final presentation events.
  • We ensure our own student ambassadors and teaching staff work regularly with Primary children to ensure we fully understand the needs of our new students.
  • We run 2 days of transition for new students
  • We visit every new Year 6 student in their Primary school.
  • We run a Summer School for all interested Year 6 students