Phased Return

The Prime Minister has outlined some basic principles around which we have based our planning:

  • From (not on) 1st June secondary schools should prepare to begin some face to face contact with year 10 pupils who have key exams next year, in support of their continued, remote, home learning
  • All other year groups will return in September.

To implement this strategy, we will be opening the school in a controlled and measured way as follows:

  1. Home schooling support will be slightly different on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June. Lessons will be dropped on to TEAMS as per usual, however, for these two days there will be no staff overseeing the lessons. I ask that, where possible, you keep your child(ren) in the same routine over these two days.
  2. This is to enable 2 days of on-site staff preparation and to cover whole staff risk assessment; our school-based learning children will continue to attend. As you will be aware the staff will need to be brought in within social distancing measures, which in turn leads to more meetings and time on our preparation.
  3. Wednesday 10th June: our online provision will resume as normal, with staff once again supporting the learning of online lessons.
  4. Monday 15th June: Years 10 face to face sessions to begin plus continuation of our school-based learning.


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